Social Media Advertising Tips For Small Business

It is an imperfect world we live in. One must spend money to make money. Social media is free, and social media marketing a powerful tool to get you sales. However, should you engage experts for social media, then you will pay them. Advertisements are a must, and you have to pay for social media advertising. Still, if you consider it as an investment, you will thrive.

Social media advertising – a cheap way to reach millions

Facebook has 2 billion users, YouTube has 1.9 billion, and Instagram has 1 billion.

No newspaper or TV has that kind of viewership figures. Opt for social media advertising, and you could reach a large percentage of social media users.

In order to get maximum returns on your ad spend you simply pick two channels, such as Facebook and Instagram and get started.

Define goal

Social media advertising: Like other advertising, must have a goal. You could advertise to create branding, and You could advertise to drive sales.

The first is for long term results and The second is for immediate returns. The social media ad should be in consonance with your social media marketing campaign.

Define budget

It is easy to go overboard and over budget on social media ad spends. Decide on a limited bare minimum budget to start your first campaign. Run it and then run analytics on the campaign.

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Pick channel according to target

Teens and those in their early twenties consider Facebook, a platform for older people. Millennials between 18 and 32 years of age are more active on Instagram.

Those on Facebook are aged between 25 and 34 with more generalized interests. Curiously, the majority of Pinterest users are female, about 85%.

Majority of adults in the US are Twitter users. If you want your social media advertising to have a maximum impact, then follow this social media advertising tip: Pick the channel based on your target audience and focus on that channel.

Back advertisement with reliable social media marketing and activities

You cannot expect much result if you register an account and then straightaway launch your social media marketing and social media advertising campaign.

Flesh out your presence with posts, images, videos, discussions and stories.

By this time, you will know the mindset of users of the social media platform you are busy on, and that will help you craft the right ad. Data is essential, and so is analytics.

How else would you know who to target, when to target, how to target and the impact of your ads?

Do this before you even plan a social media ad

  • Create Google Adwords account. It will be helpful to run PPC.
  • Learn Google Analytics. If your social media ad includes a link to your website, then you must consist of the analytics code in your site. Also, put in Facebook and Twitter conversion tracking on your site page.
  • Do not forget to complete every little detail that has to do with your social media site’s registration process.
  • Become familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and use it to research keywords that people use in online searches.
  • Create and post lots of contents on your Facebook and other social media pages. If your post becomes popular on Facebook, then it will give your content more audience reach.
  • Learn all you can about how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ad programs work.
  • Keep track of social media algorithm changes. They do keep changing things that could impact your ad campaign and strategy.

Social media advertising tip: Approach Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn directly with your ad proposal.

Content matters

Content matters for social media marketing and for social media advertising.

Plain text will not do the work, and You need a striking combination of text and images, A video is better. As for the text content think about it: Does it address what your selected target wants? Is it evocative, appealing and has a call to action?

If copywriting is not your forte, use your smartphone to create a video. Advertising tip: Keep in mind the small screen mobile device when you create content for the social media ad.

Before you use the content for the paid advertisement on social media, you should run tests on the same social media platform to know the response it evokes.

The good thing about social media advertising is that you do not have to create an individual layout ad as you do for print or banner. Your post can become an ad.

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A good advertisement is one that does not look like an ad or feel like one.

How bidding works

If you want to optimize the ad spends on social media, you must understand the bidding process. Google’s PPC works on the bidding process.

So do social media ad campaigns, and Facebook’s bids differ from Twitter’s. Learn about it, try it out


Pick the lowest budget. Run your ad. Next, conduct analytics:

  • Click through rate: This metric will give you an inkling of how many people were interested enough to click on your ad.
  • Cost per conversion metric is arrived after dividing the ad spend by the number of conversions. You will know your return and whether the campaign gave profit or resulted in the loss.
  • Conversion rate metric quantifies visits to your website landing page from the social media ad and which led to a conversion.

Some people can get by without spending a dime on social media advertising and still succeed.

But stop for a moment and think: why do million-dollar businesses with steady cash flows always advertise? It will give you new insights into how advertising stands apart from content and why enterprises employ ad agencies to cook up eye candy ads.

Do promote on social media but follow these social media marketing/advertising tips to do it the right way. It is your money, and you want maximum returns either by way of brand enhancement or sales. 

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