How to avoid common mistakes in Web Design to boost your brand?

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design”

Website development is an essential part to take your business online and drive better sales revenue. The website connects the customers with the brand and increases the reliability and credibility of the business. It is not just a source of information about the brand. Instead, a website is a platform to boost the brand value and online reputation of the brand. 

However, the ugly truth is that if the website is not well designed or lacks proper structure, it can turn down the customer. As a result, the visitor will bounce back and will not spend another second on the website. This will cost a lot to your business. The loss of customers means loss of sales. Apart from this, once the customer gets disappointed, there are hardly any chances of getting back to your brand. 

Avoid 5 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO/Branding

Here are the common mistakes that you must avoid in your web design and website development to provide better UI and UX to the visitor.

1. Non-responsive web design

The user may access your website from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another similar digital device. If the website has non-responsive designs, the website will fail to fit in the different sizes of the screen. The user will find it challenging to navigate from different devices such as mobile phone, which the users widely use throughout the world to view websites and other online portals. The key is to make the website responsive to work perfectly on all devices without deteriorating the quality of the web pages or the resolution of the images.  

2. Pop-ups

Pop-ups sometimes appear to be very irritating for the user as they may appear as soon as the website is loaded, asking for the details of the users. Some users may find it irritating and prefer to leave the website altogether. Pop-ups are distracting, and when they force the user to take actions such as book an appointment, subscribe for newsletters, etc., the user leaves the website immediately. This is also a contributing reason for the bounce rate. The solution is to avoid unnecessary pop-ups and make a button that the user may choose to click if he wants to avail of any services or products. 

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3. Absence of visuals

A website lacking the feature of attractive visuals such as images, animations, hyperlinks, video, etc., will appear dull and straightforward for the user. 

Imagine a website that only has content! The user will not be interested in moving to the following pages of the website or scroll further. Therefore, a website must have a visual appeal, and the images make the user remember the brand more than the content. 

4. Navigation issues in Web Design

Sometimes the user may find it challenging to navigate from one web page to another or find the relevant content due to navigation issues. It could be due to a lack of required hypertext links, responsive sidebars, and accessible navigation features. Digital marketing professionals widely use hyperlinks for SEO optimization of the website. Thus, it is better to have a hyperlinked website with names along with mobile responsive site navigation. 

5. Poor loading speed

If the website’s loading speed takes more than a couple of seconds or takes more time to navigate from one page to another, then the poor loading speed of the website will make the user leave the website. In such a condition, the user will check out other brands of competitors. And as they say, someone’s loss is another’s gain, and it is better to make the website loading speed fast and not let the customer skip your website.

Hence, avoid the mistakes mentioned above in designs and website development to connect, engage and build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Remember, a good website is a window to enhance the brand image and boost the brand’s online reputation. As a result, you can generate better leads and sales with the proper digital marketing techniques. 

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