Digital Marketing Tech Innovations and Trends for 2020

Digital marketing is in a fluid state and portends innovations for 2020 that will likely overshadow existing tech and become trends in the time to come.

Mobile digital experiences

The focus of marketing shifted to smartphones quite a while ago.

In 2020, digital marketing trends indicate that the emphasis will be on accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps as a way to ensure targets do not leave websites and stay tuned into apps instead of trashing them.

Personalization through a conversational interface holds the key to engagement and insights. This becomes important with the rise of voice search features. Stitch Fix, a fashion retailer in the US, grew its business by 30% by implementing these technologies. Your greatest asset if you wish to forge ahead is to retain digital marketing services with these capabilities.

Social media ad spends likely to grow

Social media is polarizing and presents an opportunity to deliver targeted ads. Facebook users are mainly in the maturer segment. Instagram’s audience is in the younger set and Snapchat sits in the middle.

Ad-spends are likely to increase but digital marketing services are likely to target ads according to preferences of age groups of social media channels.

Email marketing

The omnichannel bug is likely to bite email marketing strategies along with AI based content marketing.

Research-based delivery finely pinpoints customer journey and delivers emails at the right time to elicit more effective responses rather than just read and be done with.

Could we see micro-moments developing in the email segment? Smart automation and interactivity along with a lure of a gift or reward hold the key to email marketing success.

AI analytics and customer insight

Digital marketing is not just assumptions or primary research. Google has already smartened up its tools with Google studio.

Digital marketing services that employ AI will be able to deliver even better services to customers by incorporating AI to gather customer insights across various channels and even acquire predictive capability.

This is likely to fuse with martech and content marketing to fine tune individual targeting. When it comes to targeting video is likely to speed ahead. Like it or not the poor customer is always under the digital marketing microscope lens.

The glass reality

Smart glasses may not arrive on the scene in 2020 or even for the next few years but digital marketers and companies should really be prepping themselves to take advantage of this unique avenue for even more pinpoint customer experiences leading to conversions and loyalty.

There will come a day when people will be wearing glasses and using voice searches as well as AR in their shopping or searching experiences.

AI, ML, chatbots

Glasses may be far future but the present is Artificial Intelligenct,

Machine Learning and chatbots working to deliver superior experiences to customers and also derive more pointed information as a way to develop fine tuned strategies that track individual behaviors.

Normal strategies become old hat and for a company to succeed in the digital sphere it will need to engage digital marketing specialists with expertise in AI and emerging technologies like AR.

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