Digital Marketing Switches Tracks in 2020 and Changes Trends

Digital marketers were content to use SEO, PPC, and email as part of their marketing tools are no longer available. These days, in 2020 and for the time to come, the digital marketing train is switching tracks with some tracks decidedly heading for a dead-end siding. The name of the game is for businesses to stay competitive and leap ahead of competitors. Understandably, digital marketing companies too must keep up and initiate digital marketing strategy that assures success.

More use of Artificial Intelligence

AI separates the boys from the men. Short time digital marketers are likely to diminish, and adapters of this tech are expected to grow. The reason is simple: AI is everywhere, and it is indispensable as a tool for digital marketing. Recent trends in marketing only support AI’s emergence.

A prime example is Amazon, where visitors are tracked, and their behaviours analyzed to present them with similar products or services.

  • Artificial Intelligence helps analyze big data faster and give businesses insights into emerging trends to help them be market-ready while curtailing products demand for which is petering off.
  • AI even touches suppliers.
  • AI is there in chat bots too, now endowed with natural language processing.

Move over PPC, and Programmatic is here

Google’s PPC is good. Its limitation is it’s text-based. Programmatic is here, and it is going from strength to strength. Businesses can use display ads, videos, audio and other types of advertisements in their digital marketing strategy portfolio to target potential customers. Programmatic helps publishers and advertisers earn money, but for businesses, it helps in another way. One does not have to design a marketing strategy built around demographics and other profiling metrics. Put the ad displayed on a web page a visitor visits is contextual and relevant, thereby increasing potential of click through rates. Even better, third party cookies and tools allow the automated platform to track the visitor when he flits from one site to another and even when they switch from one device to another. This tool stays on top and on topic, relentless in its targeting and retargeting strategy.

Conversational Marketing, Social Media, Omnichannel

Social media, which once was used primarily for social interactions, is now becoming more of a marketing tool and ought to be renamed as sociocommercial media. Anyway, conversations are essential to help the customer find the right choice and be satisfied that they are receiving a response. They may opt to start on social media or use the website’s chat bot and then switch to phone or email or video call on mobile. Being available is the mantra to delighting customers, who, hopefully, turn into loyal customers.

Mobile Magic

Everyone is on mobile phones…well almost. This opens up a portal to implementing ingenious and devious digital marketing strategies like beacons, device identification, captive in-app ads, direct SMS and even direct calls. It is no wonder that mobile phone owners feel hounded and even put up blockers. Still, where there is a will, there is a way to get to your target.


Content is king, and the video is monarch. 72% of businesses find that video improves conversions. 70% of consumers have shared a company’s video. Over 50% of customers say that product videos convinced them. 80% prefer to watch a video rather than read a review or product description. Marketers can create and post videos for their clients. Besides, the in-thing to do is to have live video streaming and be available for video chat engagement. Google now allows previews for videos shown on search result pages. Shoppable video ads on Instagram or Snap make it easier for buyers. If 96% of customers say that videos help to make a buying decision, then can you ignore this statistic?


The human psyche is geared to imitate and follow. Despite the sterile environment online or because of it, people are hugely influenced by influencers. Get a celebrity to give a paid endorsement of your product on their posts and watch how people react positively. This is one of those marketing trends worth trying out; it pays dividends provided you get the right influencer. 63% of consumers trust influencers Period.

These are just a few of the marketing trends gaining traction in digital marketing spheres in 2020. There are others too, but even if one were to focus on these, success is not far away.

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